So we decided to a start blog…”Why?” you may ask. Short and simple we just wanted to. Have you ever wanted to say something but were too polite or too afraid of the repercussions? Of course you have. We all have those thoughts, all the time. What better way to get them off your chest than to post them on the internet and let a bunch of random strangers read them? (Made sense in our heads.) Seriously, we have 2 kids and a little bit of craziness in the family department from time to time. We love to laugh at our kids and they love to come up with new ways to make us do so. Sometimes they succeed….sometimes…..they are laughing at us, trying to understand why Mommy and Daddy are beating their heads against the wall. Believe me …these guys should give us plenty to entertain you with.

  While I can’t guarantee that every post on this blog will be life changing and hilarious, I hope that we will be able to make you laugh as we attempt to share something that others can personally relate to…rollin’ with the punches of parenting.

10/28/2015 11:34:30

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